Leveraging Change in the Built Environment

At GreenWeaver, we engage in consulting and education for sustainable building and community development by empowering clients with the knowledge, skills, technical information, artistry and confidence needed to elegantly weave these elements into their future. Our specialty is working with diverse teams, helping to facilitate and navigate team process and relationships, empower informed decision-making and visionary action. We work with individuals, design firms, builders, educational institutions and communities bringing creative, dynamic solutions, new ideas, expert consulting, and inspiration. Contact us to discuss how we can support your efforts, from your vision to your project details.

Our Mission

  • Facilitation in Process, Programs and Design
  • Architectural and Technical Consulting and Training
  • Code and Regulatory Consulting
  • Tribal Housing Strategic Planning, Consulting and Technical Assistance
  • Keynotes, Speeches and Educational Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Program and Curriculum Design
  • Research and Writing

GreenWeaver was founded on the values of sustainable design and appropriate technologies. We work to leverage change by weaving these paths together through community and team process, education and good policy, participating in the creation of a sustainable built environment for the health of communities and the planet, for this and future generations.

AerzenUSA Conference Room

GreenWeaver Highlights

Straw Bale and Straw Clay Appendix Chapters Approved for 2015 IRC
At the International Code Council Hearings in Dallas, TX recently, there was an historic double victory for natural building. Both the Straw Bale and Light Straw Clay Appendix Chapters for the 2015 International Residential Code were approved at this stage. There is still a public comment period and the final hearings for ultimate approval and inclusion in the code, but these victories make it likely that these will prevail. The committee’s vote for the straw bale proposal was a heartening 9-1. Martin Hammer, David Eisenberg, Mark Ascheim and Laura Bartels provided testimony for both of these proposals, along with others attending the hearings. For more details, see http://ecobuildnetwork.org/projects/straw-bale-code-supporting-documents

Video Package Soon to Be Available from the International Straw Bale Builders Conference
International Strawbale Building Conference, Colorado, September 2012 Over 200 straw bale building experts and enthusiasts gathered from over 15 countries for the week long 2012 International Straw Bale Builders Conference in Estes Park, Colorado. You will also meet the Nelson roofing contractor in Lincoln, NE. Keynote speaker John Straube and Featured Speakers David Eisenberg, Bernard Amadai, Bruce King and Hunter Lovins were highlights along with over 60 presentations, 10 outdoor workshops, an Expo, tributes, two evenings of entertainment and the 2nd ever Straw Bale Olympics. The conference was hosted by the Colorado Straw Bale Association. For conference presentations, photos and video, see http://www.strawbaleconference.com/.

Tribal Green Building and Codes Toolkit
GreenWeaver is a subcontractor to Region 9 of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) providing direct technical assistance to selected tribes for tribal green building code development, collecting feedback on tribal green building needs and developing a tribal green building toolkit. The project is completed and will be published in 2015. For more information on tribal green building codes and code development, see http://www.epa.gov/region9/greenbuilding/tribal-workgroup.html.

Straw Bale Public Library Named Best Small Library in the US
One of GreenWeaver’s consulting projects, the Naturita Public Library, is setting a new theme of sustainability in the small town of Naturita, in southwest Colorado. A former uranium mining town, Naturita will benefit from the much more spacious and functional new library. Library Journal awarded it the “Best Small Library in the US” for the dedication to the use of straw bale construction, earth and lime plasters, geothermal heating, and passive solar design. Much credit goes to Paul Paladino, Director of the Montrose Regional Library District for his vision, perseverance and energy with this project.

Naturita Public Library wins Best Small Library in US, 2011

Feature Article in Earthzine Highlights the Role of Straw Bale Building in Supporting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Earthzine, an online journal dedicated to earth observation and global awareness recently featured an article highlighting the benefits of straw bale construction and the work of GreenWeaver, the Intertribal Council on Utility Policy and the Development Center for Appropriate Technology. Earthzine is a contribution of the IEEE Committee on Earth Observation (ICEO) in support of the Group on Earth Observations and its mission. GEO is an international organization with 71 member nations and the European Union established to foster the international collaboration for Earth observations and utilization of Earth information. Read the full article here.

Earthquake Testing Yields Impressive Results for Pakistani Straw Bale Design
A low-tech straw bale house design designed by engineer Darcy Donovan and architect Martin Hammer of the Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate Building Association (PAKSBAB) withstood violent shaking at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Large Scale Structures Laboratory. Follow this link for details and to watch the video. Follow this link for media coverage on this testing program.

Eco House Video Now on YouTube

See the 10 minute film that was just released telling the story of the Eco House exhibit built by the Builders Without Borders team on the National Mall in Washington, DC at the U.S. Botanic Garden. Laura Bartels of GreenWeaver Inc. participated in the design and construction of this loadbearing straw bale building across from the U.S. Capitol along with a great team of builders from around the country. Authentic Restoration was important. It was finally moved to a permanent site in Maryland in a well engineered feat with a crane lifting its total weight of 7.5 tons onto the waiting flatbed trailer.

Congressional Briefing Presentation Available

The influence of the first U.S. Congressional Briefing on Straw Bale Construction held on June 20th, 2008 is still spreading. The briefing was organized by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute. Laura Bartels of GreenWeaver Inc. presented along with Sandy Wiggins of Consilience, LLC and immediate past chair of the United States Green Building Council, Bob Gough of the Intertribal Council on Utility Policy and David Eisenberg of the Development Center for Appropriate Technology. Each of the presentations and the entire audio file are available for download.