GreenWeaver Inc. was founded to empower people to be effective weavers of a new path forward- individually, collectively, in design teams and in communities of various scales. We engage in supporting ecologically responsible design, planning and living skills through a range of services. The intent is to support the successful creation of environmentally responsible buildings using the most appropriate materials and technologies for individuals, their community and the environment. While striving to empower those with whom we work with the knowledge, skills, technical information, artistry, and confidence needed to elegantly weave these elements into their projects, the larger goal is to help to build more than good buildings.

The built environment is an element of our lives which has always been deeply interwoven with our social, economic, and environmental relationships. It is inextricable from our communities, our sense of who we are, what we value and our sense of beauty. It is one of many leverage points for change and healing on a wide variety of levels.

About Laura Bartels

Laura Bartels, president of GreenWeaver Inc., is a consultant, facilitator and educator in the areas of high performance and appropriate building technologies and sustainable building codes, with a focus on tribal and rural communities. She serves as a design and technical consultant to architectural and contracting firms nationally for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects as well as to educational institutions, tribal organizations and contractors.

Laura was the lead speaker for the first U.S. Congressional Briefing on straw bale construction in 2008. She currently serves as the board president of the Colorado Straw Bale Association and helped to organize the 2012 International Straw Bale Builders Conference. She recently served for two years as a subcontractor to theUS EPA to develop their tribal green building and codes toolkit and provide direct technical assistance to tribes. She has been the coordinator in a national effort to change building codes to address toxic flame retardants in foam insulation. She also was an editor and testified for the straw bale appendix chapter now part of the 2015 International Residential Code.

Her work has included facilitating the National Tribal Green Building Codes Summit and the Sustainable Codes Policy Retreat, participating in the EPA Tribal Green Building Code Working Group, and technical consulting and training for the Pinoleville Pomo Nation. Laura has developed curriculum for and taught at the Sinte Gleska University, University of Colorado, and United Tribes Technical College.

Laura has been a speaker at Bioneers, the Green Festival, as well as other conferences and venues. She helped develop the Straw Bale SAFE Homes Initiative (Safe, Affordable, Future~proof and Efficient) with the Intertribal Council on Utility Policy to address critical housing and employment needs within tribal communities and helped to develop the Buildings and Climate Change slideshow for The Climate Project.

Laura is a powerful advocate and educator for appropriate building technologies using high performance, low impact and local materials such as straw bale construction. She works to empower people and communities while weaving solutions that address energy efficiency, energy security, reduction of CO2 emissions, affordable housing, indoor air quality, green jobs and restoration of local economies.

With a background in environmental studies and education, the discovery of the potential of sustainable and appropriate building technologies became a passion. She became a builder and designer 21 years ago, quickly becoming involved in high profile projects such as the campus for the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork.

Along with visioning solutions, she finds great value in the hands-on experience of building and working with natural materials and sharing that with others.

You are a natural leader with all the right qualities and clarity of vision that is so needed right now…both in our sustainability community and the world as a whole
Judy Knox, Out On Bale, UnLtd about Laura Bartels, Founder