A lot of people find comfort and style in metal roofing. Metal roofs have proven themselves durable, resilient and long lasting among their users. It is really not a big surprise. Because of the various strong metal roofing materials available nowadays, definitely, this roofing system can withstand every test of weather and time.

Let’s Take a Closer Look At Metal

The word “metal” is too general a term. It may cover various metallic elements in the Periodic Table as long as they have a high electrical conductivity. However, in terms of metal roofing, there are only several metals used. Common metals used for roofs include iron, steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, tin, and several metallic alloys, state Justin from Polaris Roofing Systems.

best metal roof for homes


If you need commercial roofing services or residential roof contractors, perhaps you are wondering “Which among these is the best metal roof material?” What materials could withstand a Phoenix hail storm? In order to determine the answer, we need to set some criteria that could help us quantify the characteristics of these materials.

Metal Roofs are Durable and Last up to 50 years

  • Durability and Longevity. When something is durable, it means it can withstand wear, pressure and damage. Most metal roofing reviews indicate that steel is the most durable of all metal roof materials. Steel is heavier and more robust than its closest competition, aluminum. Manufacturers often coat steel with different durable coatings (like zinc) to make it resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, steel roofs can be also covered with epoxy primers for better adhesion, and acrylic coatings for better appeal. Aside from these, steel is also recognized to be the most long lasting roof material. With proper installation and enough amount of maintenance, it can last to more than 100 years!
  • Easy Maintenance. Indeed, all metal roofing materials do not require maintenance. Because all of them are resistant and durable, one does not need to spend too much time and money for repairs. However, one roofing material that really stands out in this criterion is copper. Copper is usually used in churches and religious buildings. It requires very little maintenance because of its natural strength.
  • Weight. Most metal roofing materials are lightweight. However, aluminum is said to be the most lightweight of all. Aluminum can be used on any building because of its flexibility and versatility. Because of its weight, it is very easy to install and very manageable.
  • Cost. Perhaps most of us already know that metal roofing is expensive. But among the list, tin is the least expensive of all. Tin metal roofing is usually made of tin-coated lead or steel. Aside from this, tin is very resistant to corrosion, being a popular option for people living in a rain-prone environment. On the other hand, the most expensive metal roof materials are alloys, stainless steel and copper.
  • Resistance. Metal roofs must also be resistant to various natural elements like water, fire and wind. Regarding this criterion, we should not be worried. Metal roofs are all known to be resistant to these elements. That is the reason why they are preferred by people who live in places prone to storms, forest fires, and tornadoes. However, there is an exception; tin metal roofs are not wind-resistant. Thus, people living in hurricane-prone areas must not install tin roofs on their houses.

In choosing, the pros and cons of each metal roofing material must be considered.  This can be done by checking various reviews online or by contacting metal roof manufacturers for assistance.

Which is the Best Metal Roofing Material?