There are several residential roofing companies that specialize in all aspects of this category of roofing services. But not all of theĀ  roofing technicians are highly trained and qualified to offer the following services. Roofing companies like Elite Remodeling Services in St Augustine, FL may install different products than someone in the midwest.

Roof Replacement Company in Minneapolis, MN

So, if you are looking for a Minneapolis residential roofing company to carry out your roof replacement, contact the pros at Metro Area Construction. We are proficient in replacing both steep sloped and low sloped residential roofs. Roof replacement or re-roofing entails installing a new roof when an older roofing system fails. This failure can be due to a number of factors including:

  • Age
  • Poor Workmanship
  • Abuse and/ or failure to maintain the roof
  • Severe weather
  • We are aware that a considerable majority of residential rooftops fall under the steep-sloped category. Our roofing experts are experienced in the application of a wide range of steep slope roof systems including
  • Self-Adhering Base
  • Architectural / Dimensional
  • Synthetic Products
  • Concrete/ Clay tile
  • Stone coated steel
  • We are well versed with the use of different brands of roofing and roofing materials to deliver the best finish possible.

minneapolis roofing company

Metal Roof Installation Contractor

Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular; this is not surprising given that when it’s expertly done it adds beauty, durability and actually helps lower the energy costs of your home. Whether you want a new metal roofing over your home or you need to replace your old roof with this new way of roofing in Minneapolis, get in touch with us. Our roofing crew has all it takes to carry out this delicate operation with utmost precision. We will measure the area to ensure we order the right quantities of the materials needed, then prepare the site before we embark on the actual process of giving your abode the much-desired metal roof.

Roof repair

In case your roof is not that bad to need a complete replacement, we can offer you excellent roof repair services. However, we know making the decision whether to replace or repair the roof is often a difficult decision. But with the help of experts at Minneapolis you will be more than well equipped with the right knowledge to make an informed decision on the best course of action for your residential roof. We offer free roof inspection services to help establish if a new roof or a repair of your old roof is needed. Simple issues like missing shingles, a roof split or a leak can more often than not be easily repaired. However, more complicated problems like broken tiles, shingle granule loss or curled shingles are clear warnings that your roof is about to outlive its lifespan.

Asphalt roof installation

Whether you prefer a luxury shingle or a traditional shingle, you can count on our experience and expertise to help you select the best product for your house and, of course, budget. Trust our experienced roofing experts to implement the best roofing practices for the installation of your asphalt shingles. These practices include installation temperatures, shingles course offsets, shingle sealing methods, asphalt shingle nailing location, low slope and high slope limits for these shingles among others that will ensure you get the best high-quality asphalt roof installation in Minneapolis.

We offer fast and affordable quotes and deliver the best Minneapolis residential roofing services. Contacts us today; our friendly and courteous staff are always eager to help you resolve all your residential roofing concerns in the shortest time possible.

Professional and Affordable Residential Roofing Services