There are certain tasks that can be done to prevent things from being damaged or broken. With simple home maintenance tasks, things will get improved and better. From quick fix to simple repairs, you have the option of hiring professionals to ensure that everything is fine or an option of handling the job personally. Here are the simple home maintenance projects that you can do to prevent damages:

  1. Vacuum the dryer’s exhaust duct to remove dust and dirt. Plastic exhaust duct is more prone to fire. You can try replacing it with sheet-metal duct if you can, but if you find it hard to do, it is best to hire an expert. Spending a few dollars more on it will benefit you a lot.
  2. Replace used filters, batteries, and broken parts at least quarterly or as often as recommended. The filters in the furnace are easy to replace with new one and so do the batteries in the smoke detectors.
  3. Windows and doors are probably affected of weather stripping during the cold winter days or hot summer days. You can have them checked personally for a thorough inspection and evaluate the condition whether they need repairs, replacement, or just a simple cleaning.
  4. Furnace and chimney needs annual cleaning. The best time to clean your chimney is right after the winter days. It can be easy to remove burnt woods and flammable deposits left in the furnace by sweeping it thoroughly.
  5. The condenser of the air conditioner is easy to clean. You can actually do it in one hour. On the other hand, there are handymen who provide reliable services for air condition cleaning. By removing dry leaves and debris and dust from the condenser, it will surely run cooler without consuming more energy.
  6. The gate and garage door need checking as well. No matter what kind of garage door you have, maintenance can be so easy. You can wash it and remove debris from it by simply using sponge and duster. On the other hand, to ensure efficiency, it is not good to use pressurized water or oil on tracks.
  7. The gardens can be greatly improved with simple maintenance and upgrading tasks. This project does not really have to be expensive and costly. You can give the plants some lift and dress the pots with colorful paints. If you are a bit creative, you may choose to add a new flower bed or fill each gap with new flowers in varieties of colors.
  8. Repainting the wall, interior and exterior, is another simple home maintenance and improvement. There are new designs for wall paints, as well as color mixes that are sure to suit the design and style of your house.

There are different ways to maintain the house and improve your home. For safety, protection, and security purposes, giving your property and belongings a bit of lift can be easier with simple hacks. On the other hand, it is also best to invest on home maintenance to ensure everything is efficiently working and smoothly operating.

Simple Home Maintenance Tips to Prevent Damages