types of roofing materials

If someone has already decided to go for the shingle roofing, then the next brainstorming question arises is, what will the material of the roofing. So, here is the list of different types of material that is used in roofing. As always be sure to check our resources page for vendor information.

Asphalt roof shingles

According to Authentic Restoration more than 75% of Americans use asphalt shingles on their house roof, and the reasons that make asphalt shingles as their foremost choice are its low cost, installation ease, and resiliency. These are some good factors of asphalt shingles, but this material has some drawback as well. These are asphalt has a shorter lifespan and low insulative value in comparison to all other roofing materials. These are non recyclable as they are made from products of petroleum. These shingles come in an array of colors, price and longevity options and are the best and cheapest option.

Another good thing about this shingle is it can be used in any type of roof and the cost of asphalt shingle range from $50 to $140 for 100 square feet. The average lifespan of this shingle is between 15 to 30 years

Wood shakes and shingles

cedar shake roofWood shingles are also available in an array of color and material, depending upon the king of wood is used. They are cedar, southern pine, redwood and many other woods. The shingles of wood are cut by machine and thus they have a rougher look. Most of the wood shingles have Class C ratings for fire or no ratings, but there are shingles available that has A rating as well. So, when it comes a choice, it is better to go for wood shingles that has A rating. This type shingles are mostly used in ranch, bungalows, cottage, historic, cottage and contemporary.

The drawback of these shingles is the roof requires a lot of maintenance as the wood are not resistant to fire, split and worms.

There is an alternate to wood shingles are also available in the market. These are more durable and better option than the wood shingles, but give the look and feel of wood shingles only.

Concrete  & clay tiles

concrete roof tile

These are the tiles that extremely heavy and thus require additional framing of the roof, but as far as their durability and resistance to fire is concerned, and then these tiles are non-combustible and very durable. These tiles come in lighter colors as well, which completely adhere to the standard of cool roof. These tiles are versatile and they give protection to the home. The best part about these tiles is it comes in a number of shapes, hues, colors, styles and textures. It is available in so many different looks that they even don’t look like tiles.

It can be used in the houses like Mediterranean, Mission, European, few contemporary types and ranch-style homes. The cost of these tiles ranges from $300 to $500 per square. And because these tiles are very durable, thus it has the lifespan of over 50 plus years.

Composites & Synthetics

One addition roofing material that is making a push in our industry is composite tile. Composite roofing tiles are more durable, lighter weight, and require less maintenace than any other type of roof on the market. These syntetic roof tiles match their counterparts such as slare, cedar shake, or clay Spanish tile. We highly recommend you look into this revolutionary 50-year warrantied roofing system.

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What Are The Different Types Of Roofing Materials?